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Sumerian art -statue - Wife of Gudea sculpture from Lagash.

Statue of the so called 'wife of Gudea' or the 'First lady of Lagash'. She has a distinguished face and her hair is tied back with a ribbon. She wears a fine cloak with a hint of embroidery and poses with hands clasped in a sign of prayer. It is one of the earliest and finest statues to depict a woman of supreme importance associated with the very heart of the temple.

No inscriptional evidence can be found on this statue and this is in stark contrast to the 30 or so statues of the ruler of Lagash - Gudea. Gudea married a certain Ninalla and the quality of this sculpture compares well with the fine workmanship of Gudea's own statues found nearby the find spot for this statue.

Taking into consideration the similar look, materials and finish, make it all but certain this statue is in fact, his wife.

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