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Blue Onyx Cylinder Seal

Basic Information

Artifact IdentificationCylinder Seal   (1900.53.0052A)ClassificationCommunication Artifacts : Personal Symbols : Personal IdentificationArtist/MakerNoneGeographic LocationAsia, West, IranPeriod/DateAchaemenid, 550–336 BCCultureAchaemenid

Physical Analysis

Dimension 1 (Height)3.00 cmDimension 2 (Length)1.52 cmDimension 3 (Width)1.49 cmWeight12.55 gMeasuring RemarksNoneMaterialsStone--Chalcedony, Stone--Quartz--AgateManufacturing ProcessesCarved, Incising, DrillingMunsell Color InformationGrayish Brown (7.5YR 4/2) -ns White (N9.25) -ns

Research Remarks

Published Description

Rogers: A one and a half inch blue onyx seal (558–331 B.C.). The king is seated on a high backed throne. A figure stands both to the front and to the back of the king. They hold in their hands long fan like objects. The entire drawing rests on a winged sun disk (Egyptian influence.) Porada: A Magus(?) before an enthroned Magus, behind whom stands an attending Magus(?). Each of the three figures holds a bundle of sticks, and all three rest upon a winged sun-disk. For rendering of Magus, cf. Persian Survey, pl. 108. Provenace Achaemenian. May date 538-331 BC


Porada, Edith. "Concordance of Seals in the Oriental Museum, UIUC." Unpublished ms., ca. 1950. Rogers, Frances. Babylonian Seal Cylinders as a Historical Source, UIUC Master's Thesis, 1929.

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