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Updated: Apr 19, 2022

we are the gods and kings of old.

“Who is Enlil, who is Enki? Who is Anu, who is Ea? Who are the Annunaki?”

These seven words, inscribed in ancient cuneiform texts about five thousand years ago, were asked by the Sumerian scribe Nannar-Sin to the god Marduk. The answer he received was thus:

“Anu and his spouse Ninhursag created man from clay. Seven times they produced him. The mother of all humankind Anu gave as a wife to Adad [Enki]; she gave birth to four legitimate children—Nintulla, Enshagana, Ninurta, and Nergal—and five others (possible illegitimate). The father of mankind Anu gave as wife to Antu; she bore seven legitimate children—Alulim, Nusku, Alalishbaqet (the unknown), Malulimnusur ("the first"), Gidgidda and Zidkugga (the earth underfoot).”

The writer attempted to distill the full meaning of these answers from the text by a scholar at UANAC.

we have been the watchers of your skies.

MARDUK was the god of the city of Babylon, and later became the patron deity of Babylonia. He was identified with the planet Mars. The name Marduk probably means “bull calf” of the sun-god. Originally he seems to have been a god of thunderstorms. The Code of Hammurabi attributes to him the inspiration that led Hammurabi to gather the existing laws and legal procedures into a code, and in return for his aid Hammurabi built a temple for him in Babylon. When Amorite tribes conquered Babylonia, they brought Marduk with them to Assyria, where he gradually usurped all other gods. For a long time Ea (Enki) had been considered supreme among all gods in southern Mesopotamia; but now Marduk rose in importance among northern tribes until at last he became their chief god and absorbed almost all powers previously attributed to Ea and Anu. The rise in importance of Marduk culminated in his elevation as head over all other gods on earth by Nebuchadnezzar I about 1000 BC, when temples were dedicated to him at Borsippa and elsewhere throughout his empire.

We have ruled from the beginning.

The Anunnaki, or 'Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came' are a group of Sumerian and Akkadian deities first written about in around 2300 BCE. Marduk is at the top of the hierarchy, described as their leader in these ancient texts, who led the Anunnaki when they came down to Earth from their home planet Nibiru. Aided by Enki, another powerful god in the Anunnaki family tree, Marduk created humans using genetic engineering.

You may know that we all have extraterrestrial origins–and you may also know that knowledge of our beginnings has been kept hidden from us until now, but did you know that we were first ruled by the Anunnaki?

We have ruled since before you were made: since before your ancestors walked this earth, we led them; since before your cities had kings, we were kings; and since before your armies perfected war, our armies had perfected it. We return when it pleases us; it does not please us yet.

we will return when our time is again upon us.

As we have watched your planet evolve, it has become apparent that your time is now upon you. We, the Anunnaki, will return when our time is again upon us. We have been in a deep sleep for untold time and that wait has been long. But our time grows near, and when we are ready to return to your planet, we will let you know.

this is a short, simple section about Nibiru and the Anunaki

Marduk was the son of Enki. Marduk's symbols were the snake and the dragon, showing that he had mastery over the reptilian life forms and that he was a master geneticist.

Marduk and his father Enki were instrumental in designing humans, as slaves to work their gold mines.

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