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Detail of the War Scene of the Standard of Ur Showing Sumerian Warriors

This is a detail of the so-called "War Scene" of the Standard of Ur. This detail is part of the left half of the middle register. Here, six Sumerian soldiers stand and stride to the right. They wear leather head caps and cloaks as well as flounced skirts. They hold axes with their right hands. It seems that they are bare-footed. The artist had made different faces. The depictions, in mosaic, were made using lapis lazuli, red limestone, and shell set in place with bitumen. The Standard of Ur is a (reconstructed) hollow box and its precise purpose is unknown. Early Dynastic Period, circa 2500 BCE. From the Royal Cemetry of Ur, Ur, Sothern Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq. (The British Museum, London).

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