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8 Gifts for the ‘Mesopotamianiac’

We’re in the homestretch, and gift-giving season is zipping by, so I thought I’d whip up a gift guide for that Mesopotamianiac in your life (who could very well be yourself).

Nothing says Mesopotamia like cuneiform writing, so why not bring a small chunk of Mesopotamia to everyday life with this classic watch that features cuneiform hours?

This ladies watch is available to order online through The British Museum’s website. Be sure to check out the rest of The British Museum’s Mesopotamian collection for other great gift ideas!

Sumerian Cuneiform Writing Tie. (

Ties have got to be the most boring gifts I can think of, but when you make them look as cool as the Sumerian Cuneiform Writing tie or the Babylonian Sky God Cuneiform tie, well, you’re just really shaking things up and giving the coolest ties, I think, in the history of humanity.

These are sure to get a big wow at any occasion, and believe it or not, they are silky (silky polyester).

I believe cufflinks are the ultimate cool gift to give a man, and these cufflinks are simply awesome. The bearded bull of the Lyre of Ur is one of the most recognized symbols of Mesopotamia, and you can be sure that the man who receives these is going to cherish them for their intricate detailing and association with one of the most fascinating artifacts the world has known.

You can order the cufflinks at Send Museum Jewelry. They are made of pewter and brass and plated with 24-karat gold.

I can just see this hanging in someone’s office, alluding to sophistication and strength. This replica of a bronze relief depicts warriors charging into battle. The original relief, which dates back to the ninth century BC, was found on the gates of Balawat, Syria.

This beautiful replica is made of faux ebony and muted gold. You can order it at Design Toscano.

For the pen enthusiast, who only wants the best and most beautiful, Pelikan has a treat for you. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Fountain Pen features a 24-karat gold plated nib and pen cap with a recreation of the terraces from the famous World Wonder.

Only 410 of these exist worldwide, so this is the ultimate luxurious gift that even comes with a two-year warranty.

Forget Chia Pets. This is a much cooler gift, not to mention adorable! The kit comes with a 32-page booklet, and a guarantee of endless compliments on your cute little garden.

Order at

The Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies Gift Shop has this Ur Cup, with a replica of art from a relief found at Ur. If you can’t bring yourself to drink out of such an intricately designed cup like me, that’s okay. This could serve as a handsome pen holder, or a simple decoration on your desk. With a gift like this, you simply cannot lose.

Also check out IBSS’s Queen Puabi Cylinder Seal replica, which would make another great gift.

Babylon Bracelet. (

I love bracelets, and this Babylon bracelet is simply gorgeous.

The unique and intricately designed Babylon Bracelet is pure gold on silver, handmade and is available to order on It is simply beautiful.


And I hope these suggestions at least point you in the right direction for what to get that Mesopotamianiac in your life (Hey, I think I’ve coined a new phrase!). They are all gifts that will always be remembered, just like the ancient civilization they represent.

Happy gift giving!

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